Catalog Search Tips

The Search Feature allows you to:

The catalog you are viewing has been indexed. The keyword search feature allows you to quickly search the database index for specific information. The index contains references to the following:

The following search methods are supported in the catalog index:

Search by Product Number or Specifications

Selections at the top of the Search box allow you to search the entire database of listings or to limit your search to any column that is titled "Product Number." When Product Specifications is selected, the entire database is searched for listings that match your search criteria.

Perform a Simple Search

To perform a simple search, type a word or several words in the Search box and click Search. Search results will be displayed in order of how closely they match your search specifications. For example:

Refine Your Search

You may use wildcard characters to expand or limit your search results. For example:

Search for Exact Phrase Matches

You may search for listings matching an exact phrase by putting the phrase inside quotation marks. For example:

Wildcard characters can also be used in phrase searches.

Advanced Searches

The catalog you are viewing may support advanced search capabilities. Information on advanced search features is provided by the catalog owner.

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